Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Updates:

Ishmael Family

In August, Charles and Marcy Ishmael, traveled to the Shanxi Province in China to meet their son, Shaun.  Meeting him just before his second birthday, they took in the sights and sounds of his birth country prior to returning home as a family of three.  Shaun is adjusting well to his new family and is picking up English.  He enjoys playing outside and playing guitar with his daddy. Charles and Marcy are enjoying the thrills of having a two-year-old.

The Ishmael's were matched with Shaun in May 2012 and were thrilled!  They had waited for years and then one day everything happened quickly.  Funds were needed and Marcy learned that she was out of a job in June.  Through a friends referral, they learned of Village to Village Intl. and applied.
The Ishmael family raised $5,412 through Village to Village Intl.  This money helped cover the cost of their flights and orphanage fees.  Thank you to all who had a part in bringing Shaun into his family!

Peterson Family

"Fifteen months after meeting our new son for the first time through Orphan Hosting, we have completed the final step in the adoption process!  Vitaly is home, is officially our son, and is adjusting to his new life in a family!  Worth every hour, cent, and tear shed, the required steps are nonetheless draining in every way.  So, those who have come alongside and encouraged in any area have our deepest gratitude.  God has used many in this way - including Village to Village International.  The third trip to Latvia found us in need of travel funds, which were provided in part by the donors of this ministry.  We are now excited about joining in the efforts to bring other children home to their families!" 
-Sue Peterson

Stay connected with the Peterson family by following their blog.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Return to Recess

The bell would ring and we'd run out to the blacktop ready to argue for who we wanted on our team.  Glad to be done with the multiplication table for 15 minutes.  It was a game of kickball that released my energy in elementary school, or the occasional game of four-square.  Oh, I loved me some recess back then...

This past Tuesday, 80 adults reenacted recess.  Grown men turned into third grade boys, minus the grass-stained pants. Women laughed at themselves, now mature enough to admit that they were the underdog in the game.  Eight teams of ten players each, battled it out for the title of "Dodgeball Champ."  Five men and five women made up each team while soft colorful dodgeballs were lined up to separate two opposing teams.  In the end it was Team Albany Park 1 with the most people standing when the whistle blew.

Every adult needs permission to return to recess every now and then.  Friendly competition, full of laughter, raised $1,620 for Village to Village Intl.  A big thanks to Gordon Tech High School for allowing us to use their gym for the event at no charge.

If you'd be interested in having a dodgeball tournament in your neighborhood or town to help support Village to Village Intl., please let us know.  It's a simple way to help a good cause.  Plus, you just might have some fun in the process.


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