Monday, January 30, 2012


In August, 2011, Village to Village International launched its online website, desiring to help children in need around the world by spreading the vision that many small gifts can have a big impact. Over the past few months we have witnessed the power of selfless community. A unified group of people that have believed that one life, one little boy, one family, is important. And not only have they believed it in theory, but they have acted by giving.

Village to Village International wants to thank you, the friends, family, and community of Aaron and Nichole Marshall for encouraging them on this journey. We also want to thank those that had no personal connection to the Marshall family, but gave out of love believing that children matter. All 191 gifts received, ranging from $5 to $2,000 have been added together to meet their goal of $10,000. Village to Village International has sent this amount to the Marshall's adoption agency to cover expenses such as; plane tickets, lodging, and legal fees. This week they will bring their son home and we celebrate with them.

As we have been blessed by the Provider of All, we can come together and bless others. Because they matter!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snyder Family News!!!

As most of you know, the adoption journey has twists and turns, bumps and hiccups, and is quite unpredictable. Many times the stories we hear are full of waiting and unknowns, but when the phone call comes that there is a specific child in need of a family or that a birth mother has selected your family, all the waiting is forgotten. This is what happened to the Snyder family. Here is an email we received from them sharing their exciting news!

We have a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Andi Willow Snyder. She was born on Dec. 30th. She was 6lbs 14oz. 19 inches long. She was a last minute placement. We got the call from our agency on Sat. Dec. 31st around 12:30 in the afternoon. They said we needed to call a birthmother that is interested in us. Birthmother was deciding between us and another couple. So we called her and talked to her for about a half hour. She had laryngitis so she was really hard to hear. So she said she would call back later that evening after her voice had rested. Well she did not call back until 11:00pm that night. I felt the conversation went really well. She was still deciding. So we still did not know if she had chosen us. On Sunday morning Jan. 1st at around 9:30 as we were getting ready for church she called to tell us she had chosen us. We were so excited. We got a few things around and headed to Lafayette. Birthmother and baby were getting discharged at 3pm. We got to Lafayette a little early so we went to Walmart and bought a few things that we needed for baby. Finally around 4pm we met birthmother, birthfather, and baby. After talking with birthparents for awhile and signing paperwork we were headed home around 7:00pm. We arrived home around 10pm to a very excited big sister!

Thank you Snyder family for sharing your story with us! We are SO thankful for the life of your daughter and we are excited for your family!

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